Monday, May 15, 2006

Read all about it

What is it about kids? Blake says he hates soup, but once laid in front of him... Yum! He says he hates Broccli & Cauliflower but once in his mouth - yum! Halibut & other fish - same thing. Not that we have this kinda stuff frequently but you get the point.

Every day, we have to make him read. School requires him to read atleast 20 minutes a day but we usually do a minimum of a half hour. It's good for him so I don't feel bad. He's always disapointed when we tell him its time, yet LOVES the stories he reads. He's currently reading the books of Narnia; he's halfway through book 5 and still has 2 more books in the series to read after. Last night he kept grandma awake around 30 minutes just telling her all about the books. Funny how he remembers just about every little detail.


FishTaxi said...

Anything is good with cheese!

Blake sounds like a good storyteller. Encourage him to write a book!

Shana said...

I learned in psychology that the "I hate" stage is part of the process of learning their identity and their position in the world...saying "I hate" may just get them out of trying something hate to try new things...if a parent allows this "I hate" and does not have their child try new will be late in the persons 20's before they realizes they may have missed out on something...allowing a child to "hate" something is not wrong though...sometimes as parents we must "allow" this....even if we do not agree...this gives the child a sense of independance and a sense of self...this will build a good self esteem...and future success for the child...glad he likes to read....even if he says he does not...reading is one of the best stress relievers...wish I had enforced it with my kids...I love to read.

Misty said...

I have always taught my kids that the phrase 'I hate' is only allowed to be used in the right context. Disliking things is ok, but hating is an extremely strong emotion. NEVER ever 'hate' a person just because you are angry with them. As far as the whole food thing goes...My kids have actually told other kids...'just cuz it looks gross, it might taste really good!! You have to try it to see if you like it!' It was funny to me that they were telling another kid this. LoL