Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Do you have a hero?

Thoughts of hero’s have been mixed up in my thoughts for a week or so, which is odd because I really have never had any that stick out in my memory. Not that I haven’t had people I look up to, just can’t think of any that made it to hero status (other than maybe Wonderwoman for a month or two back in kindergarden).

Having Blake around has got me thinking about it. Last week he spoke to someone close to his heart he hasn’t talked to in a while. The moment the communication started the lump became visible in his little throat and a few seconds later he burst into tears from loving and missing this guy so very much. I was trying to fight the lump in my own throat and hold back the tears in my own eyes. I have never met this person but in moments it became very clear just how great this person must be and how high Blake holds him in his little heart. It was at that moment the word hero came into my head for the first time in years like a frieght train out of nowhere, because it was clear that’s how Blake thinks of him.

He looks up to strong male figures so faithfully, it’s just amazing. Not the TV or radio kind but just about all the men in his life, even a few at church he hasn’t known very long at all. Not that us chicks don’t mean a ton to him, but there’s just something different with the men in his life. I really am glad to see this in him and hope he picks the best qualities of each of these guys and carries them with him through out his life.

Hero’s are great, but it hit me this week… We hear about super hero’s, sports heroes, TV stars, rescue personnel, and even family members; some deserve the title of hero, others (like maybe actors and sports players?) maybe not so much.

But sadly I’ve never heard anyone say their hero was God, or Jesus. I’m sure most would agree they're the ones who deserve the title first, and I'm sure its been said before, its just bothersome that I myself haven't heard anyone give them the credit of hero in my 29 years.

I had thought about doing a post on this whole subject a week ago, just never happened for a few insignificant reasons, but the whole hero topic has been bouncin around my brain since.

Last night while I was reading the bible before bed to my surprise I came across the following verse...

Malachi 1:6
“A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If I am a father, where is the honor due me? If I am a master, where is the respect due me?” says the Lord Almighty.

Sorta broke my heart when it all came together. I don't really think any of it was a coincidence either.

So I’d like to give credit to my 2 heroes. Jesus for walking this earth and going through all the trouble, rejection, and pain all to save us from our sinful-selves. For setting a better example then anyone ever could and leaving us his love and teachings. God for making all this possible, for loving us, for guiding us, for forgiving us, and for sticking with us even when we’re so dispicable no one else would have us.

I also want to say how grateful I am to have gotten such a moving lesson. I never suspected a week ago when I witnessed such a touching phone call between Blake and his hero that God had used it to send a message that would be waiting for me on the other side of the week.


Misty said...

Just reading that brings tears to my eyes.

K said...

I know huh?

Thankfully the worse is over. Now that they can talk whenever, I'm sure it won't be like that again.

Shana said...

I took the babies to the Rondy Parade...a church had a float with Jesus on it...he was barring the cross and shivering in the the man only had on a "toga" style bed sheet...unforunatly the church that made the float could not leave it at this...they had to put blood all over him and make him look half dead with make this would not be so bad for an Easter Parade...but I was not prepared for this and neither was Melissa...(she is 2 1/2...she freaked out...I tried to explain it to her but now if she hears the word JESUS she looses it...I wrote and editorial to the paper about this float...the last line said..."My daughter is now afraid of my HERO"....I hold Jesus as my hero...he has been for many years...he is tougher than Superman...stronger than the Hulk...and he loves me more than my own could he not be my I just need to find a way to keep Melissa from destroying my "Childrens Bible Stories Book"...thanks to that float she will have nothing to do with will change as she grows to understand...but it hurts to know that when I was her age...the man holding the kids on his lap...surrounded by sheep and other animals....was the man I was gonna "love forever"...she wont even look at the picture.....she sees death, blood, and "mean people"....but now know one person who is not afraid to say "JESUS IS MY HERO"...he has been since my earliest memories...okay Clark Kent my have uprooted him for a bit...but that was puberty hormones speaking...