Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Brain Hurts

It's science project time. Blake's first science project ever is due March 6th. He's decided on "How do animals survive from predators hunting them?" Each night he works on it, and each night he wishes it was over, and secretly I do to. But the book work of it all is finished now and its on to the more fun stuff (hallelujah).

Come to find out he's suppose to type his report out, which will be much easier than re-writing everything neat and tidy... The only catch is that he's not learned typing yet, I guess they hadn't started that at his last school. So we went out and bought him a typing program and he had his first go at it yesterday. He did so good, I was really surprised he took to it so well with almost no help from me. I wish I could learn things as quickly. Although the typing isn't the big priority; it would be nice if he didn't have 2 big things to get past all in this very short time frame, all this at once is rough on the poor little guy. So far he's only had the science project stress, I'm hoping the typing stress doesn't hit.

So if we can just make it thru to the 6th, life will be carefree again.

Until then, on we trudge.


Kelly said...

Wow, you sound like you are mommy. Good luck on the science project! Oh, and congrats to your mom for the new rig, it's beautiful!!!

Shana said...

I LOVE SCIENCE What a fun thing to study too...Sounds like you got this mommy thing going well...when are you two gonna add to Jenettes grand children??