Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I'm sure most of you have no need or interest in this post. I only posted it because I'll lose the info if I save it anywhere else. I have a friend who has lived a hard life for a long time. Its too long of a story to go any further, but... On the off chance anyone else knows a person who needs long term drug or alcohol treatment here in Alaska, here's the lowdown.

There are several places between the Valley and Anchorage that can help those who want it...

Anchorage locations:
Clithroe (in house) ~ 276-2898
Akeela (in house) ~ 565-1200
Provedence Break Thru (Out Patient) ~ 562-7325

Valley locations:
Nuggens Ranch (in house) ~ 376-4534
Matsu Recovery Center (out patient) ~ 376-4000

Information on the top two....

Akeela House
  • Waiting list depending on when you apply
  • 18-24 month in house facility.
  • Transition housing for phasing into living sober on your own. This is where members get out and get a job too.
  • After care program.
  • Billing can be delt with later, minimum fee of $15.00 a day from the first day.
  • Visitation time and family support are encouraged but any visitors must go through a screening process.

Nuggens Ranch
  • 6-24 months
  • 12 step program
  • Will work on the ranch from the start.
  • Waiting list sometimes up to a year.
  • Minimum $5.00 a day to say there. Billing can be delt with later.
  • $15.00 for doctors visit (if needed)
  • 1st 30 days can't leave, afterwords only with a pass. Visitors may come anytime.


All of these programs require an assessment. Some of these places do the assessments, some don't. Assessment fees are from $50.00 (Clithroe house) to $300 (Nuggens Ranch) I didn't find out if it matters where you get the assessment when I talked to each place.

There is no excuses, if a person is broke, disabled, whatever it be - it is still possible to enroll. They accept anyone who WANTS to be there. Pretty sure they even accept those who are forced by law.

I've found that these places can help an addict more than I can. These places are use to the games, lies, tricks, and in some cases theft. So the best way I can help a person who wants it is to encourage them to one of these places and then be a support during and after.

All of this may seem odd for me to post. Most people do great with AA but there are some who are so extremely addicted places like these are nessesary for them to get away from the old life and back on their feet.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I am a social services worker for a Tribe in Alaska and spent 5 hours on the phone looking for this information for a client, you sure saved me some time. Thanks!

K said...

Thanks for the comment! It's so encouraging to hear this may help someone out of that lifestyle.