Monday, November 28, 2005

Farrar Sea

I got this picture off a fishing website. The Farrar Sea is a boat my brother worked on right out of high school. I think the boat is 100 ft. long. It was a great boat for him to learn the fishing trade. I know they fished for different types of crab and cod, not sure what else.

This is a picture of the Farrar Sea in Friday's storm. It was parked across from my parents boat in the harbor.


We had to go down and check on the boat and shovel it out, that was even more brr. I made Marty let me shovel it since he did moms driveway. Such a hard worker he is.


Anonymous said...

Hi My name is Joshua Farrar, those two boats were built from my grandpa my mom and my uncle. my mom built the the rudders, the radar tower and create the paint job style on the Farrar sea. My grandpa, my mom and my uncle built these boats from scratch and a hole lot of other men... I'm glad to see these photos of the two sister boats and the Farrar sea and so was my family.

brenda Salzano said...

Hi my name is Brenda Farrar Salzano. My dad built the Farrar Sea! He originally built like four or five along the Colombia River with just a small crew. Roy Farrar was His name. He was a master builder and I was so proud of him. It was great to see this ship still working. I signed up to see where it roams the seas. Dad died in 2007. Is it ok to share that picture of my dads Ships he built you have here?
We lived a short time in Homer. lots of places in Alaska. Originally homestead in Talkeetna before the roads went there. Train was only way in.
I live in Washington State now. As does my mother.

Thanks for your blog on this!

MrsM said...

I love hearing the history of the Farrar See and the family behind it! What a legacy Roy left! Those boats have employed sooo many people through the years and have made it through some TOUGH seas. Family pride well earned. Please feel free to share the photos. Also, if you search "Farrar Sea" on facebook, you'll find a ton of current photos from other people.