Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Indiana Tornado

I was just at my cousin Bill's site and saw my aunt nina's house. The house looks alright but has had some minor stuff blown off of it and the garage door I guess got pulled in a bit. It makes me sad to see there place in such a state. The part that really gets me is the tree in their back yard. Silly I know. Its a pine tree they cut and had in their livingroom for Christmas I think 15-20 years ago maybe longer by the looks of it, anyway after Christmas was over they planted that tree and it's been standing, growing there - till the tornado hit on Sunday. Sadly the tree looks as though it didn't have a chance. Anyway I've dug up some old pictures I took when I was down there to give you some before and after pictures. The after pictures are from Bill's site.

This is a picture of Nina & Kerry's house in 2003 when I was visiting

This is a picture of it last summer.
This is a current view of the same driveway and the fence to the left. It's very odd, they've had that house since before I was born and I've never seen in the neighbors yard, I remember trying to see in the cracks when I was a kid but that didn't work. Seeing this picture of that neighbors yard is just sooooo strange.

This is a picture of the garage damage. Hard to see the way the door was pulled in but you can see some roof damage

I took this picture this last summer. I left a few towels on the deck after we gave the dog a bath, it otherwise wouldn't have those kinds of thing laying around. Anyway, that large pine tree is the tree I was just talking about. This is it's fate now.

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Marty said...

Pray for all of the people down there and not just the one's we know.
Seeing that make me glad to be an Alaskan