Monday, November 07, 2005

Indiana Tornado

~November 6, 2005 Tornado~
I've spoke with a few of my relatives from Indiana. Everyone is ok, their homes and belongings all ok except my Aunt Nina's house. I guess the tornado came really close and damaged her garage door, pulled down her fence, an old pine tree in the back yard, and won't have power back until maybe Friday. The house is otherwise fine and they are just living by candle light. As I said before the tornado hit at 2 am on Sunday morning, most people had no warning. As of now there are 22 people dead and a lot of property destroyed. I guess my Cousins have been out with their camera's getting different pics. I talked my cousin Bill into starting a blog and posting those photos. If you get the chance stop in and say hello to him and his wife.

I guess the tornado first touched down in Henderson County, Kentucky and made its way up to Newburgh and Evansville Indiana which is where several of my family members live. I'm not sure where else the tornado hit.

These 3 pictures I got from a yahoo site. Its of Eastbrook Mobile Home Park in Evansville. This is where the tornado did most of the damage and also where a majority of the deaths took place.

This picture was taken near Industrial Park. I got it from this website.

So again, if you would keep the people of Indiana and Kentucky in your prayers, I'm sure they could really use them.

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