Thursday, August 05, 2004

Words to build on

I found this sometime ago. It would have helped me with so many choices I made growing up. I would have done well to have it nailed to my forehead back in Jr High.

"You want to build your dream home. You interview several contractors. Some were more expensive, some were less; but the one you chose to do the job was the one YOU thought best at the time.

They break ground and start to pour the foundation. You notice a few cracks when they pull off the forms. You question the cracks, and the contractor tells you that it will be fine, he will touch it up. The frame goes up....

You notice some of the boards are warped, and are stamped "B" grade. You question the grade, after all, isn't "A" better?? You're told not to worry, its all the same, its getting covered up anyway.....

Your head starts to tell you things you know are right, but then he is the contractor, he must know what he is doing! Thinking back to the other interviews, you recall some of the other contractors telling you that they would only use grade A lumber, and the other contractor telling you that if the foundation had a crack, they would re pour the forms.

So now, the flake board goes up, but the other contractor was going to use plywood. The windows go in, they only say triple pane, not Andersen triple pane. Then the appliances arrive, and the say Wiking, not Viking. Get the point???'

When we suspect something is wrong, the time to confront it is when our hearts give us the first sign. If we ignore those signs, we wind up with a weak foundation and bad materials to build our lives, friendships, families, or life habits on depending on the area's we've chosen to take the convenient or easiest route."

By Unknown

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