Sunday, August 22, 2004


As has been expected my mom, step-dad, step-brother, and his girlfriend are staying here. They came up a day early to hang with us before step-bro and his woman fly back home. Yesterday just before we were suppose to go into town for dinner I get a call. The friend who is staying in our driveway paid for a pure bred miniature Doberman pincher (to surprise his wife) but the dog wasn't suppose to be picked up for another week. He is in Anchor Point right now for his only days off visiting his wife and kids before he's back up here for the week. So of course yesterday the call comes from the girl with the puppies... "I'm moving, if he wants the dog I need someone to come pick it up today." Umm ok thanks for the notice lady. So I went and got the puppy who is smaller then my hand. We spent 15 minutes at home before we had to go to Anchorage to meet the family for dinner and a movie so we brought the puppy out of fear of leaving her here for hours and hours by herself for the first time. She's so little and cute. I made sure M played with her the whole way in to keep her from falling asleep, so during dinner she slept in her box in the truck. Dinner was at Humpy's and was Super good. After dinner the family got to meet her. I've never seen a group of people get in a huddle so fast. The "aww's" and "Ohh's" made it even funnier. I smuggled her in to Centry 16 with anyone noticing an arm deformity in my sleeve wriggling and all was well and quiet for the movie.. Except she woke up and started getting antsy the last 5 minutes of the movie. haha she let out a whimper and about 3-4 people turned around looking at me (not seeing the puppy). Anyway, no sleep last night, she is on a 2 hour feeding schedule and took up howling in the middle of the night. Marty and I took shifts. Its made the visit so far with the family really entertaining.

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Puppies are soooo cute... to look at. Caring for a puppy is a freak load of work.