Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Hangin with Pa

Had to drive moms car in and pick up her other half. I was dropped at dads and spent the night at his house. He was in a Golf tournament yesterday so last night we went to the dinner and auction for all the Golfers that played. Dad apparently has the hook-up and I got a free dinner too, and won a hooded sweatshirt, zip up style. I just knew I was gonna win a shirt of some kind off the door ticket and I did. Odd thinking I saw it coming now. Anyway, Dad and I had a great time. This morning I finished up my Laundry and ironed some clothes. I'm still learning how to do that well. Me and ironing, sort of a joke in fact, but I'm actually learning with help from him. Dad had to sew a fastener on a pair of slacks for me. Dad sewing for me, now that says something. I felt pretty loved for him to be sewing for me. I'll have that picture in my head for a long time, him sitting on the bed struggling to see an eyelet 1/4 the size of a pencil eraser. No complaints, just a look of content with the needle and thread in hand. Before he drove me home by way of the scenic route, we had lunch at the Moose's Tooth. Good hang time with dad. I feel pretty lucky to have such great parents. What a blessing from above.

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