Saturday, July 24, 2004

All sorts

I had to go to Anchorage yesterday to pay for our new insurance policy. Very happy to have that over and done with. When I walked into the office I realized my agent was really familiar. When I said, "I know you!" she said "I know you too!" But neither of us could figure out where we knew each other from. It took me a while before I remembered the daycare's I worked for and thought maybe that was it. Sure enough! I watched her daughter Julie when I was working at Little Red Schoolhouse. Last time I saw Julie she was 1 and a half, she was one of the sweetest kids, not to mention very easy going. Her mother showed me pictures of her and it made my day. Julie is 6 now and will be going into 1st grade this coming year. She was a very cute toddler but she is a beautiful little girl now. I only wish Julie had been there, I would have just ate her up!

After I went to dads house and did some laundry. Since dad got a new Mini Cooper its even easier to get him out of the house then it was already. We went out and had lunch together and after a worry-some few days I found out my dad is not having strokes. But unfortunately they still can't say what is happening. He is almost to the point of not caring what's wrong because he's put out so much money on several very expensive tests. I hate that, I just want to know what's wrong. But we had a great talk which made lunch the best. After lunch we went back to the house, I switched out my laundry and we took my brother to the zoo! Getting hang time with my brother and dad was best, we all haven't spent time together like that since my brother and I were in school. Tuli the camel came right over to the fence when we got to her spot, she stretched her neck through the fence and dad and I got to pet her nose. The polar bear was up and playing in the pool with his new toys, we could have watched that bear all day. Then right across from the polar bear they had 2 orphaned cubs. That was the funniest thing to watch, they took turns charging and tackling each other and testing their water pool out. My dog is twice the size of them with the exception of their little pot bellies. Makes ya just want to go snuggle with them. I took lots of pictures to remember it.

After the zoo we stopped in and saw the new water-park in town. We didn't have swim suits but just wanted to see what it was like in there. Right off the three of us were ready to go get our suits and come right back.... Till we found out its $20 a head. $60 for the three of us to hang wasn't justifiable in these broke times so we went home. I know parents who've had birthday parties for their kids at that place and yesterday I wondered what kind of loan they had to take out to do something like that! The time me and the boyz got to spend together was so nice though. I love doing family hang outs like that. Sitting at home with them just isn't the same. Its important to mix fun with family so we can all appreciate each other and want hang out again.

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