Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yard Work

I started to rake my yard yesterday. Man I have sooooo far to go still.

I worked for about an hour more after I took this shot yesterday. It took me longer that it takes most people because I'm mixing all these leaves into my compost pile as I go. The compost pile rocks for filling in dips in the yard (which are everywhere), dirt for planting, and things like that. Much cheaper than buying dirt for the same purposes.

As much work as it is, I am super jazzed to be able to hang out side after the long winter. I love working in the yard too, so this IS a blessing! Now if only the brown and dead grass would turn green a little quicker!

Anyway, I still have to rake every inch of the rest of it. I feel like it's gonna take forever! haha

Pete is ecstatic about all this work.


Marty said...

Maybe the lawn will be ready to mow by the time I get home. It looks just the opposite around here, -15 below and snowing.

Princess Sarah said...

Your yard looks great! Good Job, wanna come over and help with mine?! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your yard looks so big and lots of leaves, now I don't feel so bad starting in my yard!!

akscotts said...

hi kianna, it was wonderful to read your blogs. it was great to hear that bonnies check up went good! it was good to see you blogging again:)