Monday, April 30, 2007

More Halibut Endeavor Pictures

All of these photo's were taken in 2002 of the Halibut Endeavor. I took all of them except this top one. A photography company took it from their helicopter and sold it to us that year. This was back when "Capitan Jim" ran her. He was and still is one of the best, it's hard to picture anyone else at the Endeavors wheel.

Unfortunately I never kept the originals of these pictures. The company only had these, which were sized down for some reason. Johnny, the previous owners son was kind enough to send them to me today. If you click on the pictures it will open into another window with a larger size.

She sure isn't the prettiest of boats but you'd never know it from this picture.

Coming around the end of the spit after a long day of fishing.


I took this photo April 20th or 21st 2007 on my last trip to Homer. This is the only picture that is just about full size. Blogger sizes them down just a tad. If you would like the original copy, leave your email in the comments, I'll send it right away.

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