Friday, April 20, 2007

In The Thick of it...

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever!

Our church hosted the 2007 Alaska State Lectureship April 13-15 which I have been working non stop over the last few weeks in preparation for. My desk and room are just destroyed and in need of some serious cleaning. I desperately wanted to stop and clean so badly several times in the weeks prior but stopping meant something else wasn't gonna get done for an event we were expecting around 500 people for.

It was a great lectureship that lasted 3 days. We provided all meals, housing, and classes for kids of all ages while the parents enjoyed some fantastic speakers, singing, and fellowship. This years theme was "Life Changing Faith" and it didn't let me down one bit, even with me running back and forth so much.

The lectureship ended Sunday at 2 and we had everything taken down and cleaned up by 5. Mom drove back to Homer and took Pete with her for a few days and Marty and I went home, packed and flew out of Anchorage at 10:30pm. We arrived in Seattle at 3am and went to friends house and crashed around 4am. Woke up at 6am and went to the Fred Hutch center. My best pal Bonnie has been cancer free for 4 years now but has to have a full check every year because most people with multiple myloma get it back within the first 5 years. She had to spend the first 2 mornings going through test after test. All the results they've gotten back so far are great, still cancer free thank the Lord.

We got back from Seattle Wednesday night around around 10pm.

Thursday we got up, Marty flew to the slope for a month and I drove to Homer to get Pete. Mom and are having a good time.

I leave to go back home tomorrow (Saturday), and on Sunday I move into another church members house for I think 9 days. They have to go to seattle for his back surgery so I'll be watching their 13, 10 and 8 year olds along with a little dog that I'm hoping will get along with Pete. Cooking for that many kids is about the only thing that freaks me out.

I can't wait till I can spend time in my house again! I'm dying to rake the yard and clean my room. The last few weeks have been a blast and I have tons of pictures to post, whenever I get time. Hope you all are having a great spring!


Marty said...

Copy Cat!
HeHe :)

Princess Sarah said...

wow you sound busy...glad your helping out

Amber said...

Hmmmmm... Have I seen that picture before????

Glad you had a fun trip. If you really want to rake and clean come on over the boys will keep you company!

Love and spring,

FishTaxi said...

I can help you out with some cooking ideas.

I'm glad you had a good time and your friend is cancer free.

Klondike Kate said...

Hey lady,
I haven't posted and haven't kept on on reading... and I could just kick myself right now. I'm so sorry about Bossco. I thought about asking about him on the phone but then we went to other topics...

Sorry sweetie. Thoughts and prayers.