Tuesday, May 15, 2007


With summer finally getting here Marty and I are starting to think about good camp spots we can hit during his off time.

I just called the Kenia Peninsula Borough office in Soldotna (714-2200) and found out they have maps that have a couple trecherous 4x4 trails we use to go out on in high school and one other in Ninilchik I've never been too. Anyone can stop by their office on Binkley street and pick up a map for $3.

"The Watermelon Trail" just off of Ohlson Mountain Road
"The North Fork Trail" aka "North Fork Hills Trail" out of Anchor Point
And "The Ninilchik Dome Trail" out of Ninilchik I guess.

There use to be a privately owned cabin way out on the north fork trail I'd love to find again. The lady who owned it was never there but welcomed anyone the use of it, as long as they left it in good condition and respected the place. The area was referred to as "Blueberry Hill" It was really a neat cabin and a great spot to spend a few days. There were several other old homestead cabins out there that hadn't been lived in, in decades too. I'm hoping the map will give me a better idea how to find the place again so we can go out there sometime this summer. The only thing I remember was that the trail (over 14 miles long) started in the village of Nikolaevsk went for miles, passing the Christian Community Church kids camp, at which point the trail got much worse for miles and miles until we finally arrived. I'm not sure I could find it again.

Another place I want to go is Valdez. Fishtaxi has been gracious enough to offer advise on places to see and after reading her blog for the last few years I really want to see a few things she's posted about.

Old Richardson Hwy - She first did this post back in July, then this one in September of 2006. It's an old Highway built back in 1957 no longer used or maintained. Seems like a super fun place to camp, or at least explore. These are her pictures from those posts...

I'd also love to see the town of Valdez, have lunch with Fishtaxi, check out the harbor, boatyard, and old town. This place, this place, and this place all look like good spots to go see too. Any other idea's?

Oh while I was looking to find the pictures above I ran across this post I haven't heard anything about in ages, how do those willows look now Fishtaxi? I keep meaning to do that with some of my trees but keep forgetting.

Anyway, Valdez and Blueberry Hill, those are the places I'd love to go so far. I'm thinking a trip across the bay would be fun too. Do any of you have some great places you suggest?


Lynne said...

I really need a vacation, and although camping isn't my idea of a rest I'd love to hide out in a little cabin in the mountains someplace - peace and quiet.. sigh

FishTaxi said...

I'll check and see how the Willow Project fared through the winter this weekend.

I'll also find out exactly what milepost the Old Richardson Hwy starts and ends so I can give you good directions. The Tiekel River runs back there and theres a nice place to camp right on the river if the bugs are not too bad.

Old Town is a must at low tide, a 4 mile hike out to Gold Creek for a picnic with a boat ride back and depending on what time of year Silver Salmon fishing from Alison Point.

If you have enough time you have to take the Edgerton Hwy to Chitina. It is definantly worth the side trip. Theres an old hotel there thats open for business and a couple nice B & Bs.

It wil be fun for you to find old haunts on the Kenai but I'm glad you are coming here , too!

Klondike Kate said...

Great minds think alike! I'm working on a couple of camping weekends. AV loves water so I'm trying to find places with a lake or river or stream. I actually found one "wilderness" campsite that actually boasts an indoor (!) swimming pool!! =-) You are welcome to join us!!