Saturday, June 09, 2007

We're Back

We just got back from 4 days in Kenai. The class was really hard for Marty. It's actually a class that is usually done over the course of a semester but this one was crammed into 4 days. He didn't know that until he got down there. He kept saying he felt way in over his head but persistently prayed for God to help him through and what do ya know - he got an 84% on his final test. I'm so proud of him sticking with God and trudging through instead of giving up.

While we were down there I called the pound to check on the little dog we found before we left town. The bad news was that her owners still hadn't claimed her but the good news was that some other family had left a deposit on her. The owners have until today, the 9th to claim her - tomorrow she is available for adoption. I guess the fact that we left a paper with anything we could tell about her really helped. We just said she was house trained, great with other animals, and very well mannered - I'll have to remember to do that if the situation ever comes up again.

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FishTaxi said...

Good for Marty! I'm going to go look at your pics right now.