Monday, June 04, 2007


Marty and I leave tomorrow morning at around 3 am to drive to Soldotna for a few days. He has to take a certified welding inspection class down there. So it won't be tons of fun for him but we rented a small apartment and Pete and I plan on turning into tourist and painting the town pink while he's in class.

Pete needs a little brushing up with dog obedience so with a leash and treats in tow, hopefuly we can polish him up quite nicely.


Meanwhile, we found another dog out on Schrock road yesterday. I hit 5 different neighborhoods looking for someone who recognized her to no avail. We've immediately left her description with the pound and put up signs today but unfortunately we will have to drop her off at the pound in an hour or so. We can't have 2 dogs with us at the place we'll be staying so hopefully her owners will find her and take her home. I'll let the pound know not to euthanize her with out calling me first. I'm sure I could find a good home for her if her owners don't claim her.

She's a sweet little thing. I think she's a Jack Russell mix. House trained, gets along great with our dog and cat and is well mannered. I'm sure she's loved, she came with a collar and an expectation to sleep up on our bed (which didn't happen).

Anyway, the frustrating part is her owners haven't posted their own signs, haven't called the pound, haven't taken measures to make sure she remains safely at home, haven't put ID tags on her pretty little collar, and have not fixed her. Yes I believe she is currently in heat on top of it all.

If you'd like to take her home she'd love to have you!!


FishTaxi said...

Thats nice that you get to go with him to Soldotna.

I hope the owners just didn't dump that cute dog off somewhere.

Funny dog story: My daughter met a lady in North Pole who said her daughter gave her dog to someone in Valdez. An Australian Shepherd named Roxy. My daughter said thats my mom! The lady got all emotional and said she knew Roxy as a puppy and was so glad Roxy got a good new owner. Turns out she reads my blog and loves to see pics of Roxy. Small world!

Kiana said...

Wow, ha thats a great story about Roxy's past "grandma". At least they care enough to keep tabs on her.