Wednesday, November 15, 2006



It is SO COLD outside and the winds are going something fierce. Presently we have winds that are going steadily at 35 to 60 mph with gusts of around 75 mph. And from what I've seen its been mostly 75 mph.

I was suppose to teach the kids bible class tonight but church was cancelled due a power outage at the building. I ended up running into town for a few errands, one of which was picking out some movies for the night. While I was inside blockbuster, the windows were bowing in and out, haha which I was a little concerned about. I was a tad worried that if it blew one extra hard gust those windows might just break or implode; but I stayed for another 20 minutes picking out movies, so I guess I wasn't that worried.

When I left the door wouldn't open to let me out, so I pushed again a bit harder and it still wouldn't budge. I thought for a moment that the door had to be deadbolted but then I knew that wouldn't makes sense being it was several hours before they closed so I gave it one final hard shove with my shoulder and WOOSH I was out in the bitter cold. I had to battle with one more door (next door to blockbusters) that was just as impossible to get open and I was in the car again.

These two businesses happened to share a parkinglot with our local grocery story so there are always shopping carts around... As I pulled out I saw from way down the parkinglot a shopping cart that looked like it was demon possessed, racing in my direction with a speedy vengeance. I sat there for a moment as it charged me like an angry bull ready to bulldoze it's prey. I was ready to pull left or right in an attempt to avoid it when suddenly it changed directions. Relieved I started my journey home, and just as I was passing the still moving cart, it SLAMMED into a car full of people. It was so funny because they were about to pull out of their parking space (oblivious to this evil red shopping cart bearing down on them like freight train) when the cart practically mowed them over from the side. I didn't see facial expressions but I did see the breaks jerk the car even though they had only moved about an inch. I also saw the passenger rip around in his or her seat in shock to see who or what had hit them. The whole thing was just so comical. The car it hit was already old and a bit beat up so I'm sure their probably laughing about it too.

In the meantime I can hear the antenna pole banging against the side of the house... totally freaking the dogs out.


Heidi said...

Well...i hope your wind has settled and that you didn't blow away!

K said...

All settled down now, but Thursday it was going strong enough to almost stop me in my tracks while running into the store.

Jill said...

This winter weather is nasty all around.

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate what you mean about the COLD! Today, it's only getting up to the mid 80's and at night it plunges into the 50's. We're talking about lighting a fire in the fireplace, it's so COLD!

Think warm thoughts!

Phurnace (I mean Phoenix), AZ

FishTaxi said...

I heard it was windy cold when I was gone. brrrrr