Monday, November 13, 2006

Laminate Flooring

I've been meaning to post for a while now, I just don't seem to have as much time as I use to. Just when I think things will settle down, something else comes up. It's ok though, I'm havin a good time and don't mind at all.

While Marty was home this last time we installed new laminate floors. Let me just say, laminate flooring is the best thing since icecream!

The old WHITE carpet we had was brandnew when we bought the house in 2003. The carpet was the really cheap stuff, so in just over a years time there were beat down trails going through out the house and the color was quickly going grey. The part that really forced the change though was the dog smell. Since our house is so small I've had to work so, so hard to keep the dog smell out and in the last several months that task has been overwhelming. We finally had it, and the carpet went to the dump.

These are the before pictures, I forgot to take the shots with furniture though.

Pete's hiding in the bedroom, the whole thing freaked him out.

These are the after pictures....

This is our house, and now you've had the tour. Don't pay to much attention to the decorating, it's not gonna stay this way for to much longer. We've had all the furniture for ages and its all second hand, which means I didn't have much choice on patterns or color in the first place. I'm currently looking at new couches and thinking of putting some color on a wall or two, but that will probably have to wait till after the holidays.


Heidi said...

The house looks great....bout time you told us whats going on around there! great to hear from you.

jeanette said...

Thanks for the update and I love the new flooring and also the slide show. Where are your baby pictures? We want to see what you looked like.

Valette said...

The floor looks great, a lot better than that carpet.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job!!!! You have nothing to apologize for.

K said...

Thanks girls!

Jeanette, no one in my family has a scanner so my pictures remain stuck in the albums and off the internet. I keep saying were gonna get a new printer like yours with the scanner and all but then other things get in the way, like the floors haha.

Tink said...

Wow, you've been busy!

The flooring is beautiful. It makes the house look all warm and cozy :)

K said...

Thanks Tink,

We love it too, but the dogs... haha they don't like it so much, they can't keep their footing on it. haha works for us though, they can't rip through the house anymore.

***Huge Bonus****

FishTaxi said...

Beautiful Job on the flooring! How long did it take you? Your house looks homey.