Thursday, April 13, 2006

Party of 6

We had a puppy show up at our house last week. Cute little thing, came right over when I called him and was starved. It was getting late when he showed up so we thought we'd bring him in and let him stay for the night and figure out who he belong to the next day. Marty said he had seen him that morning taking Blake to school so we knew he'd been on the run all day and hadn't seen anyone turn up after him.

Come to find out he wasn't house broken and stunk to high heaven so before we could go to bed I had to give him a shower. It was sorta funny, he doesn't like baths at all. He was so scared he just froze, I don't think he moved a muscle except when I had to turn him around to scrub the other side. Turns out the bath did no good and it was at the point when he finally dried off all the way we knew something was wrong with him. Dogs just don't stink like that. I felt so bad for him. So the next day Marty and I went to all our neighbors houses to see if they knew who the puppy belonged to with out luck. We also called the pound and left all the info on him in case his owners called looking for him... Because if you lose your dog, you call the pound right?

We took all 3 animals to the vet (it was time for Boss and Toby's annual shots anyway). Come to find out Puppy has round worms - so we ended up getting medication for both dogs, just in case. Other than that puppy got good scores from the vet and while we were there we just got his shots done too.

So here we are a week later and still no sign of an owner, but he smells good now that the worms are gone. And the three of us have fallen head over heals for him, so I guess he'll be sticking around.

It's been 3 days in a row with out a piddle in the house so I'm hoping pody training is done. Since he's an American Bulldog and (other than his face) somewhat resembles "pete" on the old "Little Rascals" thats the name we've gone with. He really had no idea what a leash was when we found him and no coller on - he's still awful about walking on a leash but better. And the most foreign thing for a dog - hates truck rides. I just can't imagine what kind of owners he came from. Who wouldn't come looking for their cute puppy?

Oh and I almost forgot to mention, ha - the poor cat never comes out anymore. Pete thinks he's a chew toy.


Marty said...

How could we deny that face?

Valette said...

Did you name him?

J said...

I love him - Pete is a good addition to your family. And I'm sure he appreciated your taking him in and loving him. I would have done the same thing. Must have been lost for some time.

ANTE J N INDY said...




FishTaxi said...

What a lucky dog Pete is!