Sunday, August 14, 2005

Roadside Attractions

On the slope, or in Prudhoe Bay, there are 2 very large sides of the field with 3 Gathering Centers (or Flow Stations) on each side and tons of drill sites all over. When I worked up on the slope with Marty there were certain things that always caught my attention while commuting about the field. I always told myself I would get pictures of the little things that entertained me up there, but we didn’t get a digital camera until about a year an a half after I quit that job. Now that Marty has the old digital camera up there he has been so sweet as to hunt down things he never noticed and/or never found all that entertaining, just for me. I am just jazzed to get the pictures. They are really nothing much, but that whole place is completely flat, with out a single tree and the wildlife isn’t there to entertain at your beck and call. The stuff to do up there is work, eat, and sleep. They do have a movie theatre, swimming pool (that was broke the whole time I worked up there), gyms, and email access. But after working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week all I wanted to do was go to bed after dinner. So it was the little silly things that kept me entertained. These aren’t the only things, but just a couple to start with. I should add that I told Marty he should post these on his website since they are his pictures at his job, but he isn't as into roadside attractions as I am. haha

This is drill site 1. There is only one other drill site that looks like this one. I use to think it was a great building up there because it looks like a semi. It even has headlights. I can say with almost 100% certainty that it was not built to look like a big rig. From what I learned they would build a drill site and then build additions to the building as more wells were added to the site, this one looks like there are 3 add-ons.

Marty and I lived at a camp on the east side of the field called MCC, this lake is right next to it. Apparently somebody else got tired of the scenery and added his own roadside attraction. This is as close as Marty could get to it but every summer the guy who build it would dig it out of storage and put it in the lake for the rest of us to enjoy. I just found out the guy built it just for the slope. I think he did it for free, although not sure of that. I don't know the guys name (I would love to give him credit) but he just retired and the care of the boat has been passed on to someone else. How nice of him to leave it up there. It sits on the water all summer and constantly shoots 4 jets of water out.

I never actually saw this when I was on the slope. Marty saw it and thought I would get a kick out of it. I don't know what its for but Marty said it moves from drill site to drill site, although it doesn't look very movable. I swear this one had to have been built deliberately to look like a train.

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Klondike Kate said...

Those are great! I love the "semi" building! Good eye! (Nice picts Marty!)