Saturday, August 20, 2005

More Roadside Attractions

This is one of the last roadside attractions I can think of, maybe Marty will remember more.

Something I use to watch for on the slope was a special kind of flare line. From what I observed they had 4 different kinds. The most common flare line is huge. They sit like an Olympic flame a couple stories high, the GC's and flow stations usually have one or two (always lit). I thought they were sorta neat. The second kind of flare were about one story tall and seem to come in clusters of 3. The third kind sat horizontal and usually came in pairs. Marty just may correct me later on all this.

But my most favorite, and rarely seen all lit up are these. You'll have to click on it to see it closer but there are tons of them, all lined up and lit in a row. They always reminded me of birthday candles. The one bigger flame is one of the horizontal kinds sitting a ways a way from the "birthday candles"

(photo courtesy of Marty)

This is just a small example of how much extra natural gas they have up there that's just burned off because they have nothing better to do with it. What a waste. I bet what you see right there would heat my house for quite a spell this winter.

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Princess Sarah said...

WoW that is amazing id take some of that warmth this winter too!