Monday, April 04, 2005


Well I got my computer back. The tech was not able to recover one single thing off my old hard-drive, so here I sit in front of a stranger. My old faithful friend which I worked so hard to build and mold to fit me is gone, a blank PC given to replace it. Stupid doesn't begin to describe how I feel. I knew I should have been backing up my computer but it was more something like a nagging thought I just blew off, now it is like a fog horn blowing in my head... YOU IDIOT!!!!

Just some recent things I was using, that I can remember losing...
* Everything in Quicken - will have to start all over
* around 750-800 pictures
* over 1000 names and personal info in my family tree (will have to completely start over here too)
* All email and mailing addresses along with birthdays and anniversary's
* All my digital art it took me so long to make
* Bookmarks
* A TON of programs collected here and there
* Around 500 songs
* A large handful of resumes I kept for others, including mine (Thankfully I have a few printed copies)
* Recipe's
* A ton of bible study material I worked so hard to collect

Each day since it happened I remember one more thing I lost. Then comes the sinking feeling in my heart. Then the thought of how stupid I was.


Klondike Kate said...

Sooooooo sorry sweetie. =-(

Valette said...

That is the past. Just make sure you back everything up from here on out. Do you have a CD burner? That is the easiest way to back stuff up. Set up a system to back up your files, emails, address book, internet bookmarks, and Quicken. Each program you use (like Outlook, Firefox, and Quicken) have backup or export options. Once a month, every month. It's not something to skip.

K said...

Thanks for the sympathy, I've definatly learned a heavy lesson. I didn't know I could back up bookmarks and emails, thanks for the tip Valette.