Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Each day is a struggle. Even now in the busiest month for me all year long I can't get away from it. I can go 12 hours and forget to pee (all the time!) but can't go 2 hours with out craving food. I crave and think, sweet food, buttery food, rich food, even now I think oh yum. I've never had this struggle before. It has been since march since I quit smoking and this food craving has been like a storm brewing inside me only getting stronger ever since. My clothes are bigger then they've ever been and want for exercise in the cold of this winter is non existent. If someone could have shown me this when I started smoking way back when, I would have never started. I have stocked my fridge with fruits and veggies and emptied it of most of the bad stuff, next I need some exercise routines that don't drag. I'm thinking of ordering pilates, M thinks a treadmill would be good. At least this time of year they have those yummy mini oranges that peel easy. Those are my most favorite fruit ever, a few years ago they were called tangelo's, last year they were called clemetines, this year they have yet a new name I can't think of. Yum, I'm gonna go eat one right now.


Valette said...

oooh i love those oranges. now i need to go buy a box. and its too bad we dont live closer to each other - we could go running and bike riding together.

K said...

Oh I wish we lived closer too, excercising with a buddy would be soooo much better. Atleast then the motivation would be higher, and I might have a little fun in all that weezing and misery.