Monday, December 20, 2004


We spent the evening last night out caroling with the church group. Sorta odd because I used to hide from carolers when I was little. But I really enjoyed it. There was a really large group of singers, and a lot of the folks we went to sing for were not able to leave their home so they all seem to really enjoy it. There were just as many adults and kids caroling but you would have thought it was mostly kids with all the snowballs flying. One of our buddies had a snowball war going with one of the other guys, it seem to end after our friend left a 15 pound snowball from a plow on the other guys front seat.

After the caroling was finished we all went over to one of the church members house for cider, cocoa, & chili which was super good. Before long somebody hollers that the cops were outside, sure enough they were with their lights flashing. Apparently the teens decided the snowball war wasn't over and took it outside to finish it at 11 at night, screaming an hollering. Neighbors didn't appreciate it. Although there was no alcohol it was strange; I haven't been to a party where cops showed since high school.


Anonymous said...

Living on the edge there, eh Bossco! =-) Klondike Kate

K said...

It's that bad crowd we run with don't ya know?