Sunday, October 10, 2004

Un-Answered Prayers?


Last night I drove into town to check the mail and get groceries. The blazer started right up before I left home and leaving the post office but failed miserably after I had purchased a ton of groceries. I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to make it start but it just wouldn't. Since it was so late (and I was completely fed up with vehicles problems), I just called a cab to take Boss, the groceries, and I home. I spoke with M and he was almost positive the fuel pump went out and the best thing to do would be to tow it home. Today after church I was to meet the tow truck driver at the Blazer; while I was sitting there waiting my rescue man from the other night shows up. He asked me to pop the hood and starts fidgeting with stuff; he took the aircleaner off, messed with the injectors and tells me to try and start it. And of course with the tow truck pulling in it starts right up. He says that the fuel pump is working great and the injectors were stuck, but all is fine now. Testing his theory I turn it off and start it over and over with out him doing anything, but on the third start while he and the tow truck drive are sitting there watching a big flame shot out. Yikes! I turned the truck right off; nothing caught but the attention of the three of us and some passerby's. My buddy said it probably just shot a flame because the aircleaner was off and it "should" be fine to drive now. haha I don't think so. M will have a project when he gets home. I'm thinking though, a moral to this story ? Maybe a few un-answered prayers. If I had drove home would something have happened or was this all just so I could meet the cab driver who may have some cheap old retro metal cabinets for sale soon? Whatever the reason..


Anonymous said...

Flames? Totally not cool. I'm sooo glad that you didn't try to drive the thing home. And, while I completely HATE it, I have to agree that sometimes it's not always best for us to get what we ask for. <sigh> I guess that's why he's God and we're not.


K said...

Yur to funny, haha