Saturday, October 30, 2004

Anything but "slumber" party

I haven't felt this kind of hangover in years. I went to a ladies retreat last night and had a ball. I just had no idea I would have so much fun. We listened to a handful of speakers, sang songs, did crafts, and I got a facial. The theme was about transformation; changing your life to be as Christ like as you can. Really the ladies had many great points that I'll try my best to keep with me. I retired to my bunk at around 1:30 just dying to go to sleep only to be kept up by chit chat and giggling for a few more hours. Then when the chit chat finally subsided I found how truly uncomfortable my bed was. There was a mattress under me but I could have swore it was concrete by the next morning. Ha ha, oh well, I had a great time and learned that the church ladies can really git down. It's hard to believe anyone (including myself at one time) thinks partying is better. And now, I'm off to fall over dead from exhaustion.

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