Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lets Pray!

We held a moms bible study at our house this last Tuesday. The kids either sit next to their moms or play quietly in my boys bedroom which directly connects to the living room where the study was taking place.

At the begining of the study I had all the kids stay with moms for a prayer, then they were allowed to go play or sit with mom. We did the whole study and My 2yr old Josh stayed with me off and on.

Near the end of the study I had let him get up to go play in his room with the other kids. He was deep in play for a few minutes when the study ended and the other moms and I said a final prayer together. We didn't call the kids in we just started the prayer. Josh must have heard "dear Lord" because it was right after that he came running in yelling "WAIT!" He threw himself into a sitting position in my lap, put his hands together, his head down, and prayed with us. I never prompted him to do a thing - it was as if he NEEDED to pray too.

I had NO idea he loved praying so much! I just wanted to love on him so much for that!

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