Thursday, October 09, 2008

Getting ready

What a week it's been....

We've had appointments everyday this week..

We have a visit tomorrow again with their mother, then with the caseworker. Saturday I drive Pete to Anchorage to spend 2 and a half weeks with my mom. Sunday after church, after Marty flies in at 7:30 pm, we fly out to Indiana at 9:30 pm. Should be fun, but packing has me a tad stressed, haha. I've never gone on such a long trip with any children much less the kind that are so little and require so MUCH!! haha I have a suitcase packed with the frontpack, some wipes, and all the formula we will need. I know I could buy formula but wic pays for it and considering 5 cans costs over $70 - I'll pack it along. So who knows how many suitcases I'll strap my poor husband down with, hopefully not to many hehe.

Funny story before I go...

I have been letting the baby play on the living room floor lots lately because he's learned how to roll and is having fun with it. Pete has decided that it's his job to look after that baby. He posts himself right on the floor with with the baby and just watches him so lovingly. He's always very careful with him and is just so attentive to him. And if that baby starts crying, Pete will come over lay down right along side the baby, haha. I'm just amazed how he watches over those kids. I brought him in the car with us to a visit the other day and when I got back in with out the kids he just had this look on his face - looking at the car seats, looking back to the building, car seat, building, car seat, building, :::Panic::: where did you leave those kids mom!!

Anyway, I gotta run. Can't procrastinate anymore.

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Kim said...

Glad to see you're up and blogging again! Can't wait to read about your vacay : )