Sunday, March 18, 2007


This last week we had a very young moose die, just off the road near our house. I don't think it was quite a year old yet. Strange thing was it looked very well fed, it wasn't hit, shot, or killed by any other animal. It just died.

This moose and it's family have been around our neighborhood all winter. Sometimes we don't see them for days or weeks but they seem to make this area their winter home each year. Anyway I just got home from church and as I drove by, the mother moose was laying next to the deceased calf.

I felt awful when we first found the baby, but my heart sank when I saw mom this afternoon. She hasn't left our property or her baby since it happened. The even sadder part is that their is a twin calf around here somewhere but I haven't seen it since just a few days after it's sibling died.

Since the calf died on the road easement, fish & game will come and take the moose away as soon as their able. Hopefully for her sake they get to it sooner than later.

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