Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pete and mini Pete

Two weeks before Blake left we went down to Homer to visit. All of us went out to Marty's parents house and hung out for a while, it was nice and Blake had all sorts of fun with all the dogs while we talked. I think Blake could just waller in dogs all day if we had the time for it. In the picture above you can see how happy Tigger is to finally have met someone who likes to be licked (Yuck!). Bossco felt the same way; now that Blake is gone back home, Boss is back to sneaking in lick assaults whenever our defenses are down. The only time that practice has ever stopped was while Blake was here.

I never realized that Tigger (her little dog) and Pete look so similar. It was so funny watching them - Pete and mini Pete - or Tigger and big Tigger. I had to take a dozen pictures before I finally got the picture below. Tigger is not a poser, haha, he moves around sooo fast and is just to busy to sit for a camera.

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