Monday, June 26, 2006

Powerful again

So I was actually working (very productively I might add) tonight when the power went out at around 9. Just about everything I needed to do revolved around the computer. What does a person do with out power?

I think people were so productive in the days before power because they had nothing better to do.

Pete is in obedience class right now so I did some "homework" with him for a bit - that wasn't much fun. So I drug Marty out and we put one of the last trees I have in the ground (I still have one apple tree left now). That wasn't much fun either. Sorta raining, ground very wet, and to add to that we became a mosquito banquet. But I was pretty jazzed to get one more tree in the ground - that is hard work if you do it right!

So then Marty and I were dirty and the power still hadn't come back so we decided to go on a driving date... Go check out surrounding neighborhoods, cruz, - haven't done that in years. So all the radio stations were out but a couple. The one we tuned into was doing nothing but stuff on the power outage... It was really entertaining. Someone called in just before we got in the car and announced that Carrs was giving their icecream away... Then for the next hour or two people kept calling in talking about the irritated people at Carrs who were not giving out free icecream. Ha

I guess you had to hear it, but it really was funny.

So far I know the power was out from Homer to Fairbanks (what a trip), with patches of power in between. As of now Wasilla is back up and running and Marty and I finally are clean again *big bonus there*.

Did everyone else sleep through it?


Heidi said...

We did not sleep through the power outage...and it only lasted 20 mins here. But I was worried when I heard it was the whole pennisula.
We ended up pulling out a "bored" game the girls were so funny... why does the phone work and not the TV? will my watch work? It was like they have never been without power.

Valette said...

I had just gotten in bed to read when the power went out, and was grateful for all of the sun we have because I wasn't disturbed at all. It only lasted about 20 minutes for me, too.

Klondike Kate said...

Hi K - Funny how the power outage makes us realize our dependence. My two kid friends say they love power outages because they get to play board games by candlelight with their parents.

K said...

Wow, only 20 minutes - you two sure got lucky.

I love the perspective those little friends of yours have Kate. They sound like sweet little things.

JD Plumma said...

Can you say "HARRP"?